Food Workgroup 

Many agree that a transformation of the global agro-food system plays a central role in the SDGs, with the goal of “ending hunger” perhaps being the most essential for the entire agenda. Worldconnector Hans Eenhoorn, former Vice President of Unilever (Foods) and member of the United Nations Task Force on Hunger states: “We cannot accept living in a world where one billion wealthy people become ill due to overconsumption (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) while simultaneously one billion people suffer from hunger due to food shortages. Such a world is not sustainable.”

The Need for a Dutch Food Roadmap

Despite ambitious goals, there is a lack of a clear policy vision that will lead to targeted action. There is a clear need in the Netherlands for a Food Roadmap that involves all parties and existing initiatives in the sector, maps out opportunities for the Netherlands, and encourages partnerships and cooperation. This Roadmap should prescribe what actions need to be taken, when, and by whom. Without a policy vision and Roadmap, the Netherlands lacks a clear agenda for implementing the global food-related SDGs.

Purpose of the Working Group

The Worldconnectors Food Working Group aims to bring together various stakeholders to facilitate the development of the Roadmap. With extensive knowledge of the sector and research on possibilities, the working group will advocate for the creation and maintenance of the Dutch Food Roadmap. An inventory shows broad support for this initiative from the sector. The Working Group will present the final Roadmap to the Minister of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality.

Currently, there are various food-related initiatives and opportunities, but it remains unclear how best to take action and how to allocate investments and resources for the implementation of the food-related SDGs. The potential impact of the Worldconnectors Working Group is significant. Through the Food Roadmap, Worldconnectors can contribute to the realization of the food-related SDGs in the Netherlands