The Netherlands is the laggard within the EU in the transition to a low-carbon society, and therefore also a potential straggler in the new economic model. More leadership is required within politics and the business sector, as well as more societal consensus. There is a lot of uncertainty, fear, and resistance, which some political parties (across Europe) exploit and thereby hinder progress.

Goal of the working group

Within this working group, we want to explore how, as Worldconnectors, along with scientists, businesses, creatives, and media experts, we can create a vision of the sustainable society we are moving toward. Can we convincingly show that living in such a society is beneficial? That the transition generates a significant economic boost, resulting in a substantial increase in employment opportunities? And that addressing climate change also has a positive impact on many other global goals. In short, what if we can build a bridge from “an inconvenient truth” to “a better future for all” in society and schools?

Another step we need to take together is to move from discussion and talk groups to action. We need to create an environment of (loving) confrontation where we dare to hold each other accountable for the contribution that each plan, policy, and measure makes toward reducing emissions and energy consumption. How can we, as Worldconnectors, encourage this? Where can we contribute to expedite the planning and realization of good intentions? If you are interested in working with this working group or wish to provide input as an individual or organization, you can contact the chairperson of this working group.

Chairperson: Lena Euwens
Contact: lena[at]

Credits picture: Flickr \ Andreas Klinke Johannsen