Worldconnectors on inclusivity during RoundTable on May 15th

NEWS RELEASE – On May 15, the Worldconnectors gathered for their second Round Table of 2017. At the invitation of Worldconnector André Veneman, this Round Table took place at AkzoNobel. The meeting was dedicated to the theme of inclusivity. Four speakers initiated the discussion on three inclusivity-related topics. Worldconnector Jannet Vaessen from Women Inc. delivered a pitch on gender equality. Statistician Elke Moons from CBS and Pierre van der Steen from Roze in Blauw spoke about homophobia, while Marianne Vorthoren from SPIOR shared her insights on Islamophobia. After a plenary session, participants engaged in break-out sessions to discuss the various topics. They then shared their conclusions on what we can do with our hearts, heads, and hands. Below is a photo report of the Round Table, featuring photos by Ed Lonnee.

Announcements: Before the substantive program on inclusivity, there were some announcements.
The association’s annual plan and report were also presented. Sander van ‘t Foort was introduced as the new coordinator of the association. Furthermore, there was an opportunity for attendees to get to know each other better through a speed-dating session.

Plenary Session

The session on inclusivity commenced with a plenary part where various speakers were introduced, and they elaborated on their respective themes through short pitches. Worldconnector Rindert de Groot acted as the moderator for this session. It quickly became evident from the audience that there would be plenty to discuss during the various breakout sessions.

Breakout Sessions

During the breakout sessions, members identified possibilities for improving inclusivity for each theme. The invited speakers enhanced the discussions by serving as experts on those themes. Conversation leaders, including Worldconnectors Rachida Talal, Anne van Steenoven, and Cris Boonen, ensured that concrete actions were developed during these sessions.


During the wrap-up, the conversation leaders from all groups shared with the attendees how inclusivity could be improved for each theme. This included looking at what matters to the heart, what prompts deep reflection, and what can be actively addressed. Lastly, coordinator Floor van Uhm was bid farewell.