Crusade for the Earth on the way to Paris

‘It is high time to put the Entire Earth on the World Heritage List!’

On April 22, 2022, on Earth Day, Henry Mentink, a friend of the Earth Charter, embarked on a unique pilgrimage from his Veenhuis in Varik, Gelderland, known as the ‘Krui-tocht: A pilgrimage for the Earth’

Henry, along with various pilgrims joining him for different stages of the journey, is walking with his wheelbarrow filled with soil to the UNESCO headquarters in Paris over the course of 45 days. There, on June 5, 2022 (World Environment Day), they intend to place the entire Earth on the World Heritage List.

The wheelbarrow carries a special cargo. People from over 70 countries have already sent a pouch with a spoonful of soil, a donation, and a wish for the Earth to the Veerhuis. The symbolic cargo is related to the theme of “ownership” and land speculation.

You can follow the Krui-tocht by signing up on the website, where you will receive daily travel updates from Henry. You can also join one or more stages of the walk and experience firsthand the many beautiful and impactful initiatives along the straight path from Varik to Paris.

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