Erik Thijs Wedershoven

Erik Thijs Wedershoven is president of the Worldconnectors and Senior Manager at EY’s Long-Term Value Team.EY supports him in his role as president of the Worldconnectors. In his work, he mainly focuses on strategy (operationalization) as well as managing and measuring social impact. One example is the project he did together with a team for Volvo Group on the societal costs and benefits of fully electric public transport.

Professional background
Before joining EY, he worked at KPMG and NCDO he also was also Youth Representative to the United Nations General Assembly. He was a member of the Dutch government’s delegation to the UN Millennium Summit in 2005, UN General Assembly in 2004 and 2005, and UN Commission on Sustainable Development in 2006.

He studied Economics and Political Science at the University of Maastricht and UC Berkeley. In 2011 he graduated from Sciences Po Paris and London School of Economics and Political Science LSE) with a dual degree Master in Public Administration (MPA).

Erik Thijs is half French and is an active judo player in his spare time.