ANBI status

ANBI Status
Since January 2014, to receive the status of a ´Public Benefit Organisation´ (ANBI) in the Netherlands, an institution has to publish particular details online. In accordance with this requirement the following information and references are published.

  • Name of Organization: Vereniging Worldconnectors (Worldconnectors Association)
  • RSIN: 854475096
  • Contact Details: Contact details can be found here.
  • Board: Information abouty the Board acan be found here.
  • Articles of Association: The Articles of Association can be found here.

The Worldconnectors are a cross-generational network of opinion leaders from various sectors of society, including government and politics, media, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and the scientific, research and spiritual communities. They develop new strategies and visions for international issues based on their different areas of expertise. Their goal is to achieve an open, tolerant, optimistic and pro-active society in The Netherlands which can consequently be positioned as a global player. By using the Worldconnectors network, members connect to all societal groups in order to gain impact through projects and to foster public awareness. It’s vision and methods are based on the UN Millennium Declaration (2000) and the Global Goals (2015) – and the Earth Charter.

Worldconnectors Policy Plan 2017                                              
In 2015 Worldconnectors transitioned from an informal network, supported by a small number of organisations, to an independent association supported by the members mostly. Although this transition was successful, it remains a challenge to create financial continuity. To this end, it is important to keep working on a lively community and a growing number of members.

In the year plan of 2017 it is described how the Association Worldconnectors aims to realise its goals and how the network can gain a financially sound and independent business management. The main aims of 2017 of the Association can be found below:

The Association Worldconnectors is an open ‘meeting of minds’ that exceeds sectors and generations. At the end of 2016 the working groups were active on two themes. In 2017 they will continue their work. Next to this, other Worldconnector members can start new working groups. The themes that the working groups engaged with are the following:

  • Future Generations
  • SDG Food Partnership

In 2017 Worldconnectors will continue to organise meetings and debates, to publish thought-through recommendations, opinion pieces and to accelerate concrete initiatives. Sometimes Worldconnectors works with clients, often Worldconnectors acts independently.

The Association is looking for more partnerships, in 2017. The ‘convening power’ of members is still large: important players are relatively easy to get in touch with. A good example is the Charter about the Post 2015 – Agenda and the Global Goals, that under the auspices of the Worldconnectors was signed in September 2014. Worldconnectors likes to use the potential of its member to its maximum to connect organisations, sectors and perspectives – in this way Worldconnectors lives up to its name.

Of course it is impossible for the Association to do everything by itself. Successes like True Price and the 1%Club are good examples of how the network can play an active role in initiating and helping to develop concrete initiatives. This can happen through creating alliances, participating in concrete projects, offering coaching by members and general facilitation. The board of the Association plays an active role in this matter. The incubator-function, proved by former successes, shall be developed further, members are encouraged to carry out initiatives and support other initiatives with their own expertise.

In former years, the network of Worldconnectors has been a platform for discussions about sustainability and poverty reduction, has given recommendations to stakeholders and has helped innovative initiatives to get started. Furthermore, the Worldconnectors have given policy advice to the Dutch government on different themes. On the theme of food security the vision document food security has been presented to the government. In 2010, on the theme of financial systems Worldconnectors advised ‘Committee de Wit’ about desirable reforms in the banking sector. The call for social entrepreneurship formerly made, now comes back in the working group social entrepreneurship. This working group facilitates start-ups and inclusive value creation.

Other working groups have led to other initiatives, of which some have developed to fully independent organisations. The theme ‘green economy’ was the starting point for the sustainability initiative True Price and the working group Post-2015 in September 2014, responsible for the Charter for multi-shareholder partnerships, 80 partners rich and aiming to realise the Global Goals. The Worldconnectors are in touch with the partners about their concrete contribution to the Charter, this in order to set clear targets and start with the implementation in 2016.

Remuneration Policy
Board members do not receive a remuneration or compensation for their activities. Only expenses can be reimbursed. The Worldconnectors are supported by a very small, but competent staff, existing of a secretary and one or several interns or volunteers. The allowance for employees is paid according to the collective labor agreements (CAO) of the Royal Tropical Institute. All donated financial means are used for key-tasks within the association. The association does not aim for profits, neither are costs being made for fundraising. The latter is done by members in their own leisure time. Currently no money is spent on financial services by third parties.

Forecast Income & Expenditure 2017
In 2017, the Association Worldconnectors expects the generate income for about €79.000, mainly from membership fees and contributions (about €42.000), but also from gifts from various partner organisations (about €30.000). Next to these gifts there are members and partners that contribute in kind, for example by the use of external staff or locations. In 2017, the Association expects to spend €78.000. A large part of this expenditure is on a part-time coordinator and the remuneration of intern(s) (about €58.000). Other expenditure is on the costs of the office (about €3.000) and meetings (€7.000).

Justification Annual Report 2016
The annual report covers the period December 2015 until and including December 2016 and also contains a financial justification. The annual report 2016 can be found here.

How can you support us?
For a large part, the Association Worldconnectors is financed by its own members and partners. These contributions are spent a very small staff and office, which takes care of the continuity of the organisation. Additional gifts are very welcome to enable more activities on, for example, external communication, to be realised. Within the working groups activities are often organised, mostly in cooperation with various partners. For these activities, costs are made and split between the parties. Also for these projects gifts are more than welcome.

If you’d like to contribute (financially or in kind) to the Association of specific projects by Worldconnectors, you can get in touch with coordinator Sander van ‘t Foort.