The Worldconnectors are a cross-generational network of opinion leaders from various sectors of society, including government and politics, media, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and the scientific, research and spiritual communities. They develop new strategies and visions for international issues based on their different areas of expertise. Their goal is to achieve an open, tolerant, optimistic and pro-active society in The Netherlands which can consequently be positioned as a global player. The Worldconnectors’ vision and work are based on the UN Millennium Declaration and the Earth Charter.

Working method
Four times a year the Worldconnectors hold a Round Table, when they meet to discuss relevant social issues and to review the current activities of the network. These plenary meetings are attended by Worldconnectors and special invitees (usually external experts), and are held under the ‘Chatham House Rule’.

At least once a year the Board makes an inventory of potential new themes and, together with the members of the Worldconnectors, come to a decision. Worldconnectors are invited to join one of the thematic working groups and the members consider what contribution the working group can make with regard to the theme. For more information click here.

Working Groups
Through the initiative of individual members, thematic working groups can be created. The working group decides how a theme will be given meaning. The Round Table meetings can be used to reinforce the ideas developed in the working groups or to help give substance to concrete initiatives.

New Members
The membership committee has been tasked by the board with recruitment and selection of new members. The fundamental tenet for the composition of the association is that through the list of members the Dutch society is represented in all its diversity. Potential members can be nominated by existing members; interested individuals are also welcomed to submit their candidacy. Members pay an annual contribution and a membership fee, which are solely used to finance the association’s core activities.

Partnerships are predominantly entered on projects with cooperation on a specific subject. The diverse partners all contribute according to their capacity.

If you have questions or would like to cooperate on a specific theme, please contact Sander van ‘t Foort, Coordinator Worldconnectors: [email protected]