Jan van de Venis

Jan van de Venis is a solicitor and owner of the law firm JustLaw and Legal Desk Director of the Swiss Waterlex. He particularly concentrates on human rights and sustainable development issues. He is also chair of the board of Stand Up For Your Rights and The Crowd Versus. Jan was a member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the Governance and Remuneration Working Group and a special guest lecturer on Human Rights for several universities, including the University of Utrecht.

Professional background
Jan van de Venis was previously legal counsel at Greenpeace International and senior associate at the law firm Marree en Dijxhoorn. He is author of several publications on human rights law and sustainable development. He is a popular speaker on these subjects, also given the relation to MVO. He is also currently involved as advisor to multiple campaigns and innitiatives on human rights and a healthy environment (incl. Child’s Right to Nature and a Healthy Environment, Institutionalising the Rights of Future Generations)

His personal motto
We may not always be able to control things that cross our paths, but we are in control of the way we respond.