Tessa van Soest

Professional background

I am an experienced sustainability professional and I lead the team of B Lab Benelux, the organisation behind the B Corp certification.

Every day, I see the group of companies growing that truly choose to take a sustainable course and make a positive contribution to the challenges we face. This often involves a radically different business model. This is sometimes uncomfortable and not the path of least resistance. On the contrary. It requires intrinsic vision, courage and perseverance to also convert the sense of purpose and urgency into real change. Thinking differently and doing differently.

I see it as my role (within B Corp Benelux) to bring this group of frontrunners and pioneers together to unleash (unconventional) partnerships. And where necessary to connect public, and civil society organisations to this group and thus create joint impact that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Personal Motto 

Dream, dare, and do