Floor van Uhm is co-founder of the Issue Killers Initiative. This initiative offers young people the opportunity to set up a social campaign. This had led to several successful campaigns such as  ‘Weg met de Pink Tax’ and ‘Stop met bankhangen’.

Professional background

After obtaining her Master International Relations, Floor worked at the GroenLinks Tweede Kamerfractie in the Dutch House of Representatives. She continued her career as Advocacy Manager at Fairfood International, where she founded the Morocco Hotspot Project. This project focused on strengthening women’s rights in the Moroccan tomato sector. As Sustainability Consultant, Floor was Coordinator of the Worldconnectors network. In the same period, she co-founded the “Living Wage Lab” , focused on achieving fair wages in the agri-food sector. She also worked at the NGO Hivos where she advocated for increased women’s participation in peace processes in the Middle East. Floor is co-founder of Issue Killers and, together with Worldconnector Mark Schneiders, she has been closely involved in setting up the first SDG House in the Netherlands at KIT.

Maatschappelijke organisatie