Ignaz Anderson

Ignaz Anderson is director of Iona Foundation. This foundation calls for change and stimulates initiatives of general interest. The antroposophy of this foundation is an integral approach of people and living environment. Ignaz is also a member of the supervisory board of GSL-Treuhand. GSL-Treuhand is part of the German GLS-Bank, the oldest sustainable bank in the world. Finally, Ignaz is also a friend of the Earth Charter.

Personal background
This worldconnector is educated as pedagogue en has worked in the field of education for 25 years. He is constantly searching for the right balance between personal and organisational development. One of his major interests is the topic of water. For 11 years now, he has been working in the field op philantropy and he contributes actively to the innovation in this field by stimulating transparancy, sustainability and systematic change.

Personal motto
“Zonder Wij geen Ik; samenhang in een uiteenvallende maatschappij.”