One World & Partos: The Future of Migration

Imagine … a world where migration is normal. Envision a time when all forms of migration are seen as an asset and all world citizens have the same right to travel. Think of a language in which every type of migration is seen as an opportunity. How can we turn the current conversation on migration around to something realistic, yet constructive and positive?

If you follow most news on migration, you would think that people started moving across the globe a few years ago instead of since the beginning of time. Migration is often presented as something abnormal and as a constant crisis. As the source of many social, cultural, financial and political problems.

This has led to disproportionate negative attention towards migration and migrants by (Western) politicians and media outlets. Migrants are often kept out of the debate. Meanwhile, no new ideas are offered.

How can we prepare our societies for migration as a part of all our lives?
Partos and OneWorld have joined forces to ask: What is the future of migration? How can we prepare and equip our societies for migration as a part of all our lives? Which policies can we create to integrate migration into everyone’s daily reality? What language would we use if we considered everyone a (potential) migrant? How can we make all migrants equal? How can we make migration work for everybody?

Calling on journalists, rappers, changemakers, teachers, painters
Today, on International Migrants Day, we are calling on journalists, novelists, changemakers, poets, singers, rappers, dancers, actors, development workers, playwrighters, painters, sculptors, video artists, scientists, fashion designers, bloggers, students, teachers, experts and everyday citizens – movers and stayers – to help us answer this question. Through essays, analysis, think pieces, theatre, spoken word, art, poetry, performance, video and other visuals we want to move the migration debate to the next level. Towards the future. We are looking for new insights and innovative solutions.

The most significant submissions will be showcased and published on our platform. The new insights and ideas will also be part of a live event hosted by Partos and OneWorld to start conversations on new solutions for thinkers, changemakers and workers in the field of migration.

Inspired? Learn more on dates, terms & conditions and send all your amazing, daring, utopic, realistic or provoking thoughts and creations to [email protected]. Also, please spread this call for submissions in your (diasporic) network, because the world needs new ideas.

We are looking forward to (y)our future!